Who Was Brian?

Brian Kanterman made the ultimate sacrifice for the communities he loved.

At the age of 13, Brian lost one of his closest friends to a fire.  Brian was devastated and always wished he could have made a difference.  At the age of 15, he began his life of service by volunteering as an EMT. Brian rose through the ranks and eventually became Captain of the Department. When he was of age, he volunteered for Community Fire and became a Nationally Certified Firefighter.  

Yet it still didn’t seem like it was enough for him.  He was passionate about protecting and serving any way he could.  Brian was always the example you couldn’t help but follow, from helping an elderly person load their groceries into their car, buying a cup of coffee for our military personnel, volunteering at the animal shelters, to always making a point to thank anyone in uniform for their service.  

After college, Brian knew his true calling was to be a Police Officer and eventually became a Deputy Sheriff, after which all he would talk about was getting promoted to become a K-9 Officer.  Brian loved dogs, to the point of crossing the street just to pet one and more often then not he would take a selfie with his new furry friend.  

Unfortunately, Brian got injured on the job and needed to leave patrol and move to corrections while he mended from his injuries.  Even though he counted the days to move back to patrol, he was proud to be a corrections officer.  Sadly Brian never made it back to patrol, as he died in the line of duty at age 25 on December 25, 2018.